Joshua Gardner

Joshua Gardner
Joshua’s genuinely excited about building & transforming space, he’s spent the past 12 years strategically culminating a particular set of skills to ensure his customers receive a complete wholesome experience when undertaking a build project.

Joshua brings in a team of cohesive skilled professionals.

Teams & cohesion are something Joshua’s versed in after his first career appointment was training and serving as an Officer in the New Zealand Army. He then honed his carpentry skills has been recognised as the 2012 Master Builder’s Apprentice of the Year for the central South Island. He’s spent years building architectural homes on the port hills and has undertaken numerous renovation projects.

Managing construction projects is a state of automation for Joshua; he’s managed and delivered homes and projects into the hundreds in New Zealand and in the fast paced dynamic North American home building industry. He’s had clients requesting his skills as far North as Waiheke island. Having delivered high-level renovations on bespoke luxury holiday residences on Waiheke Island.

In addition, Joshua has had roles in medium scale residential development advisory, insurance consultancy as a client side representative through construction claims. Clients who know Joshua, often request his service to undertake atypical construction tasks. Advice and reporting, specialised solutions, challenging commercial refurbishments and the likes. 

Joshua is most at home with a tool belt on, interfacing with clients or pulling all the puzzle pieces together from trades, consultants, suppliers and merchants to deliver great build projects and make good places.

Joshua prides himself on his knowledge of build science, his technical acumen and his ability to deliver on fine carpentry detailing.